Soul Healing, Energy Work in Thorne, Doncaster

Soul Healing or Energy Work consists of a variety of treatments that work to repair psychological, physical, emotional, social or spiritual imbalances. However, it is more than just a band-aid to temporarily fix the problem, it works deeper into the core. 

A Holistic Healer recognises that our aches, pains and discomforts are merely symptoms of an imbalance at a soul level and therefore will work with her client over a period of time to find and work on the ‘root’ cause.  It is believed that if there is an imbalance or a block at a soul level then our body will sound an alarm bell via pain, discomfort or even disease. The imbalance could be a result of abusing the physical body through an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, or too little sleep. The imbalance may also be the result of mental, emotional, or spiritual needs not being met.  Even high stress levels can cause imbalances to occur. The healer will look at the person as ‘a whole’ not just the ailment that plagues the individual and decide the appropriate therapy or therapies that will begin to address the underlying contributors.  We will assess each person individually and tailor sessions according to that person as an individual. 


Angelic Reiki

Angel healing or Angel Reiki is an alternative healing concept that involves communication with angels. The idea behind the therapy is that by establishing a connection with higher realms and communicating with angelic beings, it is possible to identify and treat a wide range of health ailments. Depending on the exact style or expression of the therapeutic procedure, patients may attempt to establish the connection directly or with the aid of an angel healing practitioner. The concept of healing through faith and spirituality is common in many traditions. The angel healing practitioner will invoke healing angels to allow healing energies to travel through the therapists’ own energy field and then transferred to the receiver to correct the emotional, spiritual, or physical condition that currently plagues the individual requiring treatment.  Angel healing or Angel Reiki treatments can be used for Adults, Children & Animals with any Physical, Mental or Spiritual ailments.  This is a very relaxing experience and even if you are not ‘in-tune’ with Angelic beings yourself you can rest assured that you will feel calm, at peace and balanced at the end of your healing session. 

Energy Healing Body Work

This therapy is designed to re-balance mind, body and soul. Energy healing body work, combines the physical touch of massage with powerful healing of universal energies, which are channeled through the practitioners own energy field during the massage session to address any ailments that plague the individual at a cellular level, and also in mind, body and soul. This is a thoroughly indulgent treatment that is not usually practiced as a combined therapy but here at Phoenix therapy in Thorne, Doncaster, we want you to offer you the whole package and feel that you should be able to indulge and experience the maximum benefit of holistic healing in one tailored session with just one cost. 


Sound Therapy / Frequency healing

10 Benefits of Binaural Beats & Brainwave frequencies

The frequency of ‘YOU’ aligning you with the vibrations of our universe.

As life’s pressures increase, financially, personally and socially, our ability to relax is reduced, and as such we turn to various aids to help us achieve that mental calm we all require as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Sometimes we find sanctuary in a good TV program or a book, an alcoholic beverage or a takeaway.  The more enlightened souls may take a more holistic approach such as massage therapy, yoga or music.

Binaural beats are ranges of sound frequencies that are capable of cultivating deep relaxation even during times of high stress, and as such have been labelled the ‘natural drug’ with remarkable relaxation and stress relieving powers. The beats are so effective in freeing the mind and creating that realm of calm space that the medical profession are increasingly turning to using sound therapy to treat many behavioural and cognitive disorders.

1. Increased Relaxation
Sound therapy allows you to tap into relaxation in an instant, which is great if you’re under a heavy schedule with minimal time to yourself. By listening to sound frequencies from singing bowls or gongs for example, you can go from highly-strung to ultra chilled in just a few minutes.

2. Better Sleep
The knock on effect of being able to relax on demand is better sleep. By listening to binaural beats on a regular basis the mind is entrained to learn to relax almost instantly.  A calmer mind = peaceful sleep.  Peaceful sleep = refreshed and rejuvenated for the day.

3. Deep Meditation
Our brains are so used to running in high activity frequency zones that centering the mind for meditation is near on impossible. Binaural beats aid meditation by achieving low brainwave frequencies while at the same time maintaining a high level of consciousness. No matter the type of meditation you are practising, binaural beats will help you access the realm of higher awareness faster, and help you stay there for longer.

4. Mindfulness
Even when we do get time for ourselves it’s tough to remain undistracted, even if no one else is around. The mind easily wanders, and is usually everywhere but in the moment we want it to be. Binaural beats enable you to truly access the present, to really be in the now and let go of attachment to the past and thoughts of the future.

5. Increased Positivity
Studies have shown that the calming effect binaural beats have on the brain boosts positivity in everyday life. Users consistently report feelings of increased optimism, contentment and happiness.

6. Increased Concentration
While binaural beats are widely known for relaxing the brain, they can also be used to increase focus and concentration. Binaural beats are capable of eliminating stress and pressure from the mind, thus making us more focused and attentive.

7. Body Healing
Obviously binaural beats can’t directly heal disease, but science has long since proven the intrinsic link between mental health and physical health. By relieving the mind of stress and anxiety the body will naturally become healthier and stronger.  Singing bowls are widely used throughout the world to treat mild to chronic pain by using sound frequencies to divert the signals from the brain in much the same way as acupuncture tapping into the meridian flow.

8. Lowers Stress
Perhaps the most highly documented benefit of binaural beat technology is stress relief.  Binaural beats transport the user to a place of tranquillity, to another world where there is peace from the tension and challenge of everyday life. Over time this calm disposition will manifest itself in the user’s everyday life experience.

9. Eliminate Anxiety
Like stress, binaural beats provide sanctuary for those suffering anxiety and related symptoms such as panic attacks and irrational thought processes. Listening to binaural beats can help alleviate anxiety around specific life situations.  Sound therapy can be useful for those suffering with Behavioural disorders and chronic conditions such as bipolar.

10. Spiritual Consciousness
Over the last few years an increasing number of people have begun using binaural beats to open their “third eye” and gain access to spiritual consciousness, higher learning and heightened awareness of ones ‘self’. In addition to varying forms of meditation.. Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming are two commonly sought after higher consciousness states achieved through the use of binaural beats.  Of course, not everybody will be Astral travelling as a result but it is merely a proven aid, if the person using it wishes to expand to that level of enlightenment.  For the very elderly or dying it can help the transition of the soul and bring about a sense of peace in the last months, days or hours as required.

We are living in a time where many of us are seeking fulfilment and are realising that it will never manifest from external sources alone, it has to come from within first!  So as many of us seek to ‘go within’ and discover who we are, binaural beats will align your body’s natural frequency to that of peace and tranquillity that is natural omitted from the universe.  You will experience a sense of inner calm, which will in turn assist you in dealing with the stresses and strains of your outer world.  It is a coping mechanism.. a tool for re-charging those ever draining human batteries.

Binaural beats are easy to use, natural and 100% safe.

Now you too can enhance your quality of life with this amazing technology.

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